Larry Caputo Shares A Snap With His New GF, But Fans Are Convinced She's Theresa's Look-Alike

Date February 25, 2019

Theresa and Larry Caputo announced that their divorce was finalized back in December, much to many Long Island Medium fans’ dismay. They announced their separation a year before the divorce became final.


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Larry moved to Los Angeles while Theresa stayed in New York, and both have started to rebuild their lives. It’s not an easy thing to do after three decades together, but they are moving on.

They’ve managed to maintain an amicable relationship, not least for the sake of their two children, Larry Jr. and Victoria.


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While Theresa has said she’s in no rush to find someone new, Larry admitted to TMZ that he found “someone special.” And now, we can finally see what his “someone special” looks like.

Larry’s new girlfriend

After Larry’s revelation, fans waited a few months to see his GF. Their wish has been granted: Larry has posted a snap with his new love.


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"Love my baby boo!❤️", he wrote in the caption.

It’s the only picture with his new GF he’s shared so far, but many have already noticed the woman’s striking similarity to Larry’s ex, Theresa.

People’s reactions

Many fans of the Long Island Medium former couple can’t get over their divorce, and a lot of them think Larry’s new girlfriend looks a lot like Theresa, which is the reason why he’s dating her.

Here are a few comments to Larry’s recent post on Instagram:


She kinda looks Theresa!


Theresa is your twin flame. I hope you find your way back to each other in this lifetime or the next.


Really...she looks like your ex wife. You should of stayed with Theresa


Who cares if she looks like his ex. He’s happy his ex is happy.


Looks like you trying to find another Theresa or Theresa look alike but guess what can't replace Theresa. just saying


Same here I see the resemblance of Theresa as well the still love of his life!!! Yes big mistake Larry has made !!! Theresa is a much more beautiful woman that has and still loves him. Should of sowed your wild oats long ago Larry got it over with and make it work with Theresa


Wow. ,you men don't waste any time.


Why do men and women who leave their ex spouses always pick others who may resemble the person that they separated from in the first place?? Hum


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Hmm, what do you think? is there any similarity, apart from straight blond hair? And if so, is the similarity coincidental or not?

Tell us in the comments!

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