No Real Feelings? Gaga And Bradley's Performance At The Oscars Was Carefully Staged, Expert Says

Date February 27, 2019 14:01

Do you think something is going on between A Star Is Born co-stars, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga? Many fans believe their onscreen chemistry is more than skillful acting!


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The stars have repeatedly denied that they are anything more than good friends, and we’d also like to remind you about Bradley’s partner and the mother of his child, Irina Shayk.

However, Lady Gaga’s recent split from fiancé Christian Carino, and her and Bradley’s sensual performance of Shallow at the Oscars only fueled the speculations.

But the memorable number at the ceremony was carefully staged, according to an insider.


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“They rehearsed the hell out of it”

Rob Mills is not a body language expert. He is ABC’s senior VP of alternative series, specials, and late-night programming, and he knows a little bit about thorough preparations for big events such as the Academy Awards ceremonies.

He told Variety that Gaga and Bradley's performance was meant to be in the spirit of A Star Is Born:

[T]he producers really worked step-by-step with them to make that what they were envisioning a reality… this was staying true to the spirit of the movie as well. They really wanted to kind of embody everything that the characters in the movie stood for in this three-minute number.


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Gaga and Bradley knew their performance was one of the most anticipated moments, second only to the announcements of winners. So they made sure it lived up to the high expectations! Mills told Variety:

They would walk through the whole thing and how it’s going to look and go. They really rehearsed the hell out of it, and they made it so it was just seamless. Even in rehearsal you knew, this was one of those things that’s going to be played in those montages of all-time Oscar moments.

Well, the stars did a good job making their performance the most talked-about moment of the ceremony!


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What about Irina’s reaction?

Although some think Irina sat between Bradley and his co-star intentionally because she’s jealous, other moments between the three may prove otherwise.


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As the Russian-born supermodel watched her man and his co-star perform on the stage, there was not a hint of discomfort in her look. And after Lady Gaga was named the winner in Best Original Song category and took her seat after her speech, Irina gave her a big warm hug!


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Maybe, we all should just calm down about Bradley and Gaga’s rumored romantic feelings for each other? The fact that many are still talking about it just proves that they are really good actors!

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