"It Still Hurts": Kathy Griffin Finally Talks About Losing Friendship With Anderson Cooper

Date March 8, 2019

A few years ago, Kathy Griffin was one of the most successful female comedians, but an inappropriate, poorly thought-out joke she made in 2017 brought on her downfall.


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After an offensive picture, which is too horrific to be described here (it was meant as an insult to Donald Trump), Kathy fell out of favor with major national networks, lost her savings and lucrative contracts, and, worst of all, had good friends turn away from her. One of them was Anderson Cooper.

Anderson, who used to host New Year’s Eve with Kathy on CNN, took to Twitter to express his disgust following her insulting joke:

The host distanced himself from Kathy, and now, almost two years later, she still can’t get over it.

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“It still hurts”

In her new interview with Variety, the comedienne spoke about the fallout of her foolish joke and how her career has started to recover.


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While she’s on the mend professionally, some of her personal relationships seem to be beyond repair. When asked if she was hurt when Anderson distanced himself from her, Kathy said:

I was devastated. It still hurts. I mean, I really loved him. I don’t have a punchline for that one.


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Kathy’s perfect replacement

After CNN fired Kathy, the network’s New Year’s Eve broadcast has had a different co-host alongside Anderson.


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For two consecutive times, Anderson co-hosted the event with his long-time friend, Andy Cohen. He said in a media press release before the big event in December:

Getting to ring in the New Year with Andy is a total joy and I can’t wait for the big night! Who would’ve thought 25 years of friendship would lead to an almost-tradition of co-hosting New Year’s Eve on CNN!?


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We wonder what Kathy thought about that.

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