Awww! Prince Harry Adorably Tries To Explains Meghan's Pregnancy To Schoolchildren And It’s So Cute

Date March 21, 2019 12:55

Prince Harry will become a first-time daddy very soon as his gorgeous wife is due to welcome their first child in April/ beginning of May.

Awww! Prince Harry Adorably Tries To Explains Meghan's Pregnancy To Schoolchildren And It’s So CuteGetty Images / Ideal Image

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We are extremely excited for the royal couple and can’t wait to see how their baby will look like. Recently, the ginger royal tried to explain Meghan’s pregnancy to a group of schoolchildren and it’s literally the cutest thing we’ve seen today.

Preparing for the future role

Prince Harry visited St. Vincent’s Catholic Primary School for a very important royal business. He supported the campaign to secure forests around the world.


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The Prince was welcomed by a group of adorable schoolchildren, to whom he tried to explain his wife’s pregnancy.


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How cute is this?

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The royal got a real taste of fatherhood when he interacted with dozens of smiling kids and we have to say, he is very good at it! Harry is definitely a natural father, don’t you think?


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He also participated in planting trees in the school’s outdoor area alongside the young students. The plant-a-tree campaign was launched last year to show how they impact the environment and how important it is to plant forests.


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The royal family quite often marks their appearance with planting a tree, which has become a kind of tradition, especially when it comes to their trips abroad.

However, Prince Harry took a more serious approach to protect the environment as he campaigns to spread the message of how crucial it is to rejuvenate and preserve the world’s forest.

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