If I Could Turn Back Time: The Goddess Of Pop Cher Is 73 And She Looks Stunning

Date June 21, 2019 07:53

Seasons change, fashion is fleeting, the technology is evolving but there is one thing that always stays the same – Cher’s beauty.


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The iconic singer seems to be frozen in time as she can boast the same figure she had 40 years ago! What’s her secret, you ask? 


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It’s quite simple, actually. Cher revealed that she always eats healthy and works out “all the time.” Her regime seems to be working like a treat as the Goddess of Pop turned 73 this year and be honest, you would never have guessed her age!

Always stunning 

The iconic singer is a Californian girl - she was born in El Centro on May 20 in 1946. Her parents divorced when the girl was only ten months old.

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Even though she was put in foster care, Cher managed to find the road to success and her Farewell Tour, which ran for 3 years, grossed no less than $200 million. It wasn't easy to become famous, but Cher managed to do it. Few people believed that Cher would able to build a credible acting career, but she didn't disappoint her fans. Moreover,  she went on to win an Oscar for her performance in the 1987 rom-com Moonstruck.


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The legendary singer still lives with music in her heart and she doesn’t let her fans to forget about her fans love her back. 

Cher has already done many wonderful things in her life and she doesn't want to stop. However, the icon is well known for what she doesn't do. The singer and actress just doesn't age. Does she use magic? Maybe!

Cher is a superwoman and we wish her to stay so stunning forever. And we certainly need to give her tips a try!