Tom Cruise And Nicole Kidman's Only Daughter Bella Was Spotted In A Rare Outing With Her Husband Max

Date May 14, 2019

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s adopted daughter Bella shocked the world back in 2015 when she announced that she got married in a secret ceremony in London.


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But that wasn’t the most shocking part. As it turned out, neither Tom nor Nicole attended her wedding. Their busy schedule was named as an excuse, even though it was reported that Kidman was in London at that time.


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Despite that, Bella claims that she is often in contact with both of her parents.

Rare outing

Recently, Bella Cruise made a rare public appearance with her husband, Max. She looked quite content as she walked with her hubby on the streets of the English capital.

The couple looked very much in love as they walked hand in hand, gazing romantically at each other while carrying huge grocery bags. It’s nice to see that after four years of being married to each other, Bella and Max seem as happy as ever.

Not long ago, Cruise appeared in the public eye with an email sent to Scientologists which contained a description of her “success story” and encouraging other people to follow her path.

In the email, Bella also thanks her famous dad for everything. It seems that she stayed true to Tom’s religion, yet it’s believed that her husband is not a Scientologist.


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We wonder if it will affect them just like it affected Cruise and Nicole’s relationship.