Was Not Good Enough? It Looks Like Meghan Markle Redesigned Her Own Engagement Ring

Date June 25, 2019 12:40

All engagements rings are very special. But Meghan Markle’s band is particularly significant. Prince Harry made sure that his beloved got the most perfect ring ever.


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The royal designed the band himself, choosing a massive three-carat diamond from Botswana in the center and diamond side stones that were gifted to him by his mother, Princess Diana.


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However, it seems that the ring wasn’t perfect enough for Meghan as the Duchess seemed to redesign it.

It looks very different now

Just recently the Duchess of Sussex delighted royal fans with her first public appearance after the arrival of her first child. As Meghan excitedly waved to the crowds, sitting in the carriage with Kate and Camilla, some people noticed that her engagement ring didn’t look the same.


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The stunning piece of jewelry now has a different band. Originally it was a yellow gold one but now it appears to be a thin micro-pavé band.


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It’s hard to tell whether any other alterations were made. We don’t know the reason for such change but we can only suggest that Meghan might have changed the band because, during her pregnancy, her fingers became swollen so wearing the old thick band might have been uncomfortable.

A new ring

During her royal outing, the Duchess also sported a completely new sparkler. It was an eternity ring which is believed to be an anniversary gift from Prince Harry.


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Eternity rings are believed to be a traditional present given to mark a special milestone, like an anniversary or the birth of a child. We hope the Prince didn’t mind any changes made to the engagement band, though.