Prince Harry Takes Heavily Pregnant Meghan Markle On Luxury $60,000 Babymoon Holiday In Hampshire, A Friend Reports

Date April 8, 2019 15:16

The Sussex baby is on the way as royal fans are already starting the countdown. Meghan and Harry have just launched their official Instagram account, which added fuel to the fire with social media users speculating that the big announcement is going to happen any day now.


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The couple shared their pregnancy news back in October during their Australia tour so it’s believed that the Duchess is due by the end of this month.


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Considering that after welcoming their first baby their life will change forever, Prince Harry decided to take Meghan on their last quiet holiday before they officially become parents.

Babymoon in a royal way

It’s been reported that the ginger royal treated his heavily pregnant wife to a romantic babymoon. The couple ventured to Hampshire to spend three marvelous nights in a luxurious 5-star Heckfield Place hotel.


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It’s believed that the father-to-be cashed out $60,000 for a gorgeous room that is likely equipped with a cozy fireplace and a private terrace with breathtaking views.


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The couple will probably spend time on romantic walks, enjoy lavish dinners and get pampered at the uber-posh hotel.


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Previously, the Sussex pair was spotted in a “wellness” store that sells different oils and products blessed with healing chants.


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Knowing Meghan’s love of everything natural and healthy, it’s not surprising she decided to pop into a store like that. We wonder what she’s got there!

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