Royal Author Claims Meghan Markle Is Prince Harry's Superior As She Is “More Intelligent” Than Him

Date April 4, 2019

When Meghan Markle became the Duchess of Sussex, many people felt jealous of her new status. But there were some, who felt sorry for the actress, saying that she married into the wrong family.


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Royal expert Lisa Wilkinson believes that Meghan could do so much good in the world but she might be held back by the royals. However, it seems that the Duchess holds everything under control.

She might be superior to her husband

Royal biographer Lady Colin Campbell thinks that Prince Harry only won by marrying Meghan because she is far more superior than him.


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Campbell commented:

For one thing, Meghan is in many ways Harry's superior - she's more intelligent, more together, and more strong-willed.

Her words ring the truth for those, who believe that the British prince is under the thumb of his wife. It’s evident that the Duchess did change him, starting from his diet and ending with banning traditional aristocratic fan like hunting.


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Even though Meghan is still an outsider, she is coping with her new position rather well. The royal biographer says that Harry turned into a subservient partner in her hands but he can act on his own accord, when Meghan is not around.


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The author says that if the pregnant royal “adjusts” her personality, she can use her unique role for the people’s good.


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It’s hard not to notice that she’s trying to change the monarchy and bring it into the 21st century and her influence is really showing as the other members of the royal family are starting to shade their stiffness. It will be interesting to see what Meghan will achieve in her role in the future.

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