‘Sister, Sister’ Star Jackee Harry Claims She Had Affair With Eartha Kitt's Boyfriend And Was Slapped For It

Date April 15, 2019 12:08

Christmas is a time for cheers and happiness but one Christmas Day in 2008 was extremely sad for Eartha Kitt's fans. The singing legend left this world when everyone was opening presents and sharing joyous moments with their families.


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Kitt passed away after losing a long battle with colon cancer. But after so many years, the C'est si bon singer’s name came up again in quite a scandalous claim.

The unexpected affair

The actress and comedian Jackee Harry recently revealed a secret she’s been carrying for ages. Harry opened up about a heated run-in she, supposedly, had with Eartha Kitt.


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It was all because of a scandalous affair that Harry claims she had with Kitt’s boyfriend. She revealed:

Eartha Kitt slapped the f*** outta me! She thought I was sleeping with her boyfriend.


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The Sister Sister star continued by confirming that she actually was having an affair with Kitt’s significant other, but she didn’t know that he was in a relationship with someone else. Harry explained:

I didn’t know he was taken.

Aside from that, Jackee’s relationship history remains a mystery. We know she was married once for 7 years to Elgin Charles Williams.


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However, some social media users are certain that he is gay.

Do you agree with people’s claims?

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