Lady Gaga Finally Ends Rumors About Her And Bradley Cooper: "Love? That's What We Wanted You To See"

Date February 28, 2019

Since A Star Is Born hit the cinema, all we hear is that the lead actors Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are actually, genially, truly in love.


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Yes, there is certainly mad chemistry between them in the movie. However, people continue to believe there is something real going on between Gaga and Cooper.

Social media is shipping the pair like nobody’s business. But are they really in love or is it just good acting? Lady Gaga herself has decided to finally put all the rumors to sleep.

It’s just a very good acting

During her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, Lady Gaga has addressed the ongoing rumors about her real-life romance with Bradley Cooper.

The singer called social media that has been blowing up the speculation to unimaginable proportions “a toilet of the internet.” The songstress insisted that the whole performance in the movie and live during the Oscars was staged.


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The pop diva declared that she and her blue-eyed co-star worked hard to be able to show people the kind of love that would make everyone believe it was real. Gaga commented:

This is a love song. It is a love story and we worked so hard. I knew he [Bradley Cooper] had the vision for how it should go.

The singer pointed out that even their steamy Oscar performance was rehearsed to a tee and Cooper himself planned how everything should look like.


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While everyone was in disbelief that Gaga and Bradley are just simply very good actors, The View star Joy Behar noticed it was staged all along.


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During the discussion of the Oscar Ceremony on the show, she said that she doesn’t think that the pair is actually in love.


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Well, now we can say for sure that she is right. However, there is a little part of us that still wants to believe that Gaga and Cooper might be hiding their true feelings.

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