‘NCIS’ Finds A Replacement For Pauley Perrette Since She Announced Her Departure After 15 Seasons

Date July 19, 2018

CBS has found a replacement for a forensic scientist in the upcoming season of NCIS after Pauley Perrette announced she’s leaving the show. Any ideas who could it be?


Допис, поширений ncis_cbs (@ncis_cbs)

‘NCIS’ welcomed a new cast member

On their official Twitter page, CBS announced that an actress Diona Reasonover will make a full-time appearance in the season 16 of NCIS.

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Diona has previously guest-starred in multiple episodes of the CBS series as a forensic scientist, Kasie Hines. Her character was introduced in the season 15 and was warmly welcomed by the fans.

A speculation regarding Reasonover’s full-time appearance in the show has started after another NCIS star announced her departure.


Tonight we say goodbye to #PauleyPerrette! We ❤️ you, P! Thank you for 15 wonderful years! #ncis

Допис, поширений ncis_cbs (@ncis_cbs)


Допис, поширений ncis_cbs (@ncis_cbs)

Pauley Perrette made a decision to quit the show after 15 seasons and said goodbye to her beloved by millions character. Perrette announced the news on social media in May.

The actress released a series of tweets in which she explained she got tired to hear false stories about herself and decided to put an end to “the machine' keeping her silent.”

Fans’ reaction

It goes without saying, it was extremely difficult for Perrette's fans to say goodbye to her character; however, they warmly welcomed the new forensic scientist.

NCIS will return for the season 16 on September 25, 2018. Don’t miss it!

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