Warn Your Kids! Bottle Bombs Are The Popular Trend Among Teens, But They Do Not Understand How Dangerous It Might Be


July 30, 2018 16:36 By Fabiosa

A teenage girl was seriously injured after a plastic bottle thrown by the strangers exploded in her hands.

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Girl got injured from a plastic bottle

A 13-year-old girl from Vancouver was hospitalized on Sunday, July 29, after a sad accident with a plastic bottle.

The girl picked up a plastic bottle thrown away from a passing car. She wanted to get the bottle out of the road, but when she took it, the bottle exploded in her hands.

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A neighbor Gloria Rubio, who was in her yard at that time, saw how it all happened. She told the Vancouver police:

I saw her pick up a bottle and heard like a firecracker. I saw a lot of blood dripping and I saw the plastic in her hands, it was bad.

The neighbor immediately called 911. The girl was taken to a hospital with deep cuts on her hands. Luckily, doctors said the teen would be fine. She received several stitches, and at the moment, she keeps on recovering at home.

Her mother, Ashli Fortner, commented on the situation:

My message to those people who did this is karma always comes around.

Bottle bombs danger

A bottle bomb is a new popular trend among teenagers. There is a great number of video tutorials on the Internet teaching kids how to make a simple water bomb from a plastic bottle.

While the teenagers consider this trend to be just an amusement, we warn all parents about the hidden danger of bottle bombs.

Children can suffer severe injuries to their fingers, hands, and eyes.

 If you see a plastic bottle with some strange liquid inside, don’t pick it up. Call your local police department and let the officers handle it.

Talk to your kids about the bottle bombs danger. Public awareness can prevent a tragedy from happening.

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Please, share this information with other parents. Do not stay indifferent!

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