16-Year-Old Girl Is In Critical Condition After The Suspected Assault By Her Boyfriend Of Five Months

16-year-old Cheyenne Baldridge is in hospital and desperately fighting for her life following a case of domestic violence. According to a report filed at the Whitefield County Sherriff’s Office:

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Deputies found Baldridge with bruises all over her body and bite marks. She was also unresponsive. Apparently, the girl had been dating a resident, 19-year-old Michael Ricketts. The young man lived with his grandmother at the residence.

Medics rushed Baldridge to the hospital where she was stabilized but is still in a dire condition. Doctors say that both Baldridge and Ricketts show signs consistent with substance abuse. Police also discovered methamphetamine in the residence upon a search.

When questioned by Fox News 25, Ricketts’ grandmother said she knew her grandson was taking drugs. However, she claims that he did nothing to harm Baldridge.

The Sherriff’s Office has declared Ricketts a person of interest and called on members of the public to come forward with any useful information that will lead to the young man’s apprehension.

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Vicky Baldridge, an aunt to the girl, was very emotional when interviewed and said she wanted justice for her niece who was unresponsive as at the time she visited her in hospital.

Helpless, hurt, angry. I want justice for her.

Investigations are still ongoing, and there is no telling which of the teenagers was responsible for engaging the other in drug use. Still, there are easy ways to discern which relationships will be healthy and beneficial in order to avoid situations like this.

Toxic people usually appear sweeter than usual and employ seduction as a way to engage unsuspecting victims. In some cases, they may come across as the most sociable people in a group. Other times, their erratic behavior may be designed to garner attention. In addition, they usually insist that their opinions are right.

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When faced with suggestions you are uncomfortable with, pause for a moment and consider the repercussion of your actions. That moment of hesitation may be the line between life and death.

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