Woman Carrying A 2-Month-Old Baby Jumps In Front Of A Speeding Train


June 28, 2018 14:35 By Fabiosa

Police in Bronx accosted a woman who jumped in front of a train. She was holding a 2-month-old baby in her arms. Thankfully, she fell on the lower side of the train tracks and was only slightly brushed by the passing train.

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The incident occurred on June 27 at the East 149th Street station. Paramedics rushed the woman and the baby to the Lincoln Hospital, as they both sustained minor injuries. The train operator has also been hospitalized.

Joe Costales, vice president of the Transit Workers Union Local 100, said he was alarmed by the incident and gave an account of it to News 12.

The person ran down the platform and jumped in front of the train.

In spite of the commotion caused by the incident, regular service was promptly restored. East 149th Street station is near the Hostos Community College and serves many commuters who attend the institution.

Train related suicides are not common in the United States. However, mortality rates are quote high. Wikipedia suggest that about 90% of people are likely to die if they jump in front of a speeding train.

Denis Belitsky / Shutterstock.com

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The numbers decrease significantly for trains that are slowing down and in subways, standing at about 67%. And most train suicides fall into this category. The woman in Bronx is one of the lucky few survivors.

While taking one’s life may seem like an easy way out of life’s troubles, the reality that a suicide may fail is even more challenging. Living with the guilt and facing a life that has already been abandoned is usually worse for most people. And for some, having to live with a disability due to a botched suicide can be devastating.

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Still, there is some hope for life with people who survive suicide attempts. In the case of the woman in Bronx, at least her baby will have a chance at growing up and living a normal life.

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