Here Are The Results Of A Racial Attack: Internet Hate, Job Loss, And Arrest For #PoolPatrolPaula

Date July 6, 2018

Stephanie Sebby-Strempel was first fired and then arrested after a third-degree assault on a 15-year-old black teenager and his friend who decided to visit the community pool. The racially biased woman shouted disgusting words and smacked the boy several times.


Racial assault

DJ RocQuemore Simmons and his friend even didn’t try the warm water of the public pool when they were severely assaulted by a screaming woman with numerous racial accusations. Stephanie Sebby-Strempel started her “show” with phrases “Get out!” and “Didn’t belong!” and finished with the impudent pushing and beating the innocent black teenagers:

There’s three numbers I can call: 9-1-1.


Luckily, DJ managed to pull out his cellphone to record insolent Stephanie and show it to his relatives. The shocked mother immediately posted the video online where it instantly became viral and attracted the authorities’ attention:

No child including mine or anybody else’s ever, ever, deserves that type of abuse or treatment. And to be struck not once, not twice, but three times by someone that is upset because of the color of someone’s skin, and they don’t belong at their swimming pool.

Attacker's arrest

Stephanie was then visited by the law enforcement officers who announced she was arrested for the third-degree assault. The furious woman decided not to give up and started acting aggressively towards the police officers. She pushed one of them into a wall, hurting his knee, and bit another one, breaking his skin.

She was later released on $65,000 bail but will have to deal with the endless court trials. Moreover, Stephanie’s employer announced they no longer wish the woman to work in their company, so they brought the agreement to early termination, leaving the assaulter without her job.

Help in need

Racial attacks are, unfortunately, not a rarity in modern community. However, you can easily help the victims even without physical interference.

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Simply engage into the conversation with the target of the assault to leave the attacker irrelevant. If it doesn’t help, it is recommended to contact the authorities and let them deal with the racist by themselves.

No one deserves being treated differently – we are all similar people with different characters inside.

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