Filters, Camera Flashes, And Photoshoots: Why The Kardashians Are Probably Wrong About Taking Pictures Of Their Infants


May 29, 2018 11:05 By Fabiosa

Although it is not a proven fact, there are cultures around the world that believe pictures should not be made of babies until they are old enough or past their one year birthday mark.

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This is not science

The reasons for this vary. Some Asian cultures say it protects a child from bad luck. Others maintain that even something as harmless as showing a child his or her reflection in the mirror can cause problems.


💕Happy One Month True 💕

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The Kardashians do not approve

One cannot imagine practices like this come between the Kardashians and their love to make pictures.

Until Kylie took down most of Stormi’s pictures, she had constantly shared them with her followers even when the baby was just weeks old.


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Khloe has been sharing beautiful pictures of her daughter, True.


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Kim does not hold back from sharing pictures of her children from infancy.

Baby photoshoots

The Kardashians may be quite addicted to taking pictures of themselves and their offspring, but their fixation is not unusual. With the existence of social media, new parents have devised fun ways to introduce their children to the world.

Photoshoots of newborn babies are often quite cute and irresistible that people do not realize how dangerous and difficult they are to pull off.

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