5 Undocumented Immigrants Die In A Car Chase With Border Patrol: Sheriff Defends His Officers


June 18, 2018 12:17 By Fabiosa

A vehicle containing 14 undocumented immigrants has crashed 50 miles off the Mexican border killing 5 of its occupants. And people are outraged because of what led to the crash.

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Tragic car chase

The occupants of the SUV where trying to get away from border patrol agents on their trail in a Texas town close to the border.

As unfortunate as this is, the officers were acting on the orders of Donald Trump and his unpopular immigration policy, which he continues to defend.

County Sheriff defends his officers

Amid wide spread protests following the crash, the sheriff of the county, Marion Boyd, said the tragic incident was not unusual at all, even if this was a first for their small county.

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He gave details of crash and said some of the occupants had fallen out of the car onto the highway. According to him, 4 people died instantly, and one died at the hospital.

Stay safe!

Sheriff Boyd told reporters that the accident was proof that border control is absolutely necessary even as this particular chase ended tragically.

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Given that the Trump administration is unwilling to review its zero tolerance policy, here's what undocumented immigrants can do when faced with border patrol agents.

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