Beach Arrest Gone Wrong? Disturbing Video Shows New Jersey Cop Punching A Woman In The Head For 'Underage Drinking'

Date May 31, 2018 11:22

A shocking encounter between a New Jersey beachgoer and a police officer is causing outrage and making people ask questions about what to do when police officers get violent.

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Cop punches a beachgoer

In a video posted on Facebook, an officer was captured punching the woman who had come to the beach with her daughter and the father of her daughter.

The incident began after an officer attempted to arrest the young woman, and when she resisted, he proceeded to subdue her and punch her a couple of times. He was joined by another officer who helped him subdue the woman.

'Stop resisting'

In the video, her fellow beachgoers looked how the disturbing scene unfolded and a number of them kept telling the woman to 'stop resisting'.

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Later, a woman who identified herself as Emily Weinman, the victim, shared her side of the story. She said the officer had approached them and asked to know their age.

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She also said they had been given a breathalyzer test to tell if they had been drinking. According to the narration, it was her refusal to give the officer her name that led him to arrest her.

She admits that her refusal to be forthcoming was born out of fear. However, she is not alone in her fear.

And some people point out that she should not have resisted arrest even as they express concern about the officer's method.

What to do in cases like this

Most individuals are at a loss when it comes to dealing with violence from law enforcement officers, especially if the attack is unprovoked.

Experts advise that getting ample evidence against the erring cop is the best form of self-defense.

Fighting back should be shelved in favor of seeking legal redress as physical action will attract charges even if the cop is in the wrong.

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