Is Child Abuse On The Rise? Mom Was Charged Due To The Death Of 4-Year-Old Son

Date June 21, 2018

Police in Galveston have finally identified the body of the little boy found dead on a beach in October. His mother and her girlfriend have also been implicated and arrested.

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Little Jacob's real identity

The actual name of the boy originally called 'little Jacob' was found to be Jayden Alexander Lopez. He was 4 when he died.

Galveston authorities got to know who little Jayden really was from a tip given to them after they put out pictures of his body.

Domestic abuse

From the informant, they learnt that his mother's name was Rebecca Rivera, and her partner was identified as Dania Sarai Amezquita Gomez.

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The town's police chief, Vernon Hale, confirmed that Jayden had been a victim of domestic abuse. But, the real shocker was this: his mother and her girlfriend traveled miles from their home in Houston to dump Jayden's body at the Galveston beach where he was found.

Act fast!

Both women are now facing serious felony and misdemeanor charges for trying to falsify physical evidence, but they have not been directly linked with the death of Jayden.

Luis Louro /

It's not unlikely that little Jayden had neighbors who were aware that his mother was abusive but refused to call the attention of child protection services.

This grave mistake meant that Jayden became one of 4-7 children who die daily from abuse and neglect. This has to stop!

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