Random Stranger Rudely Interrupts A Female World Cup Reporter On Live TV To Sexually Assault Her!

Date June 21, 2018 18:13

It’s just days into the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and it’s already being rocked by a scandal. This time, it has to do with sexual harassment.

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Rude interruption

A female journalist, Colombian reporter Julieth Gonzalez Theran, covering the competition in Russia was groped and force-kissed on live TV while she was carrying out her duties.

© Deutsche Welle

Theran, who works for the German media giant Deutsche Welle, was reporting live from the count down to the World Cup in the city of Saransk when the unfortunate incident happened.

She kept it professional

The disturbing video shows her squirming just as she was grabbed by a football fan who proceeded to touch her inappropriately. However, she kept it professional and continued reporting.

© Deutsche Welle

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However, she has now spoken out against the problematic behavior. She called attention to the obvious sexism of this interruption by the unknown man who disappeared after his assault.

Speaking out against street harassment

Theran is asking that the line between affection and harassment be made clear and respected. People are in support of her.

Street harassment is a pervasive problem faced by a majority of women. Worse still, it is completely seen as normal in many societies.

It is incredibly important that Theran is choosing to speak out assertively about it. More so, it helps combat the problem when more people join their voices with victims to call out offenders. Well done, Julieth Theran!

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