Trump's Zero Tolerance Immigration Policy: Parents Are Using Desperate Means To Stay In Touch With Their Children

Date June 20, 2018

As Trump's zero-tolerance immigration policy continues to separate parents from their children, more heartbreaking details are coming to the fore. Parents are now using desperate means to stay in touch with their children.


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Desperate measures

They are writing their names and contact information hastily on the clothes of their children just before they are forcefully separated. This is so that the children can be identified.


According to a report on CNN, one child showed up at a refugee resettlement care facility holding a belt which belonged to his father. A name and phone number was written inside it.

Melania Trump speaks out

This sad twist became necessary after children were left stranded with no way to identify them in care facilities.

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Just days ago, Melania Trump took a stand against her husband's administration. In a statement released by her spokeswoman, the First Lady stressed that she was not a fan of any policy that resulted in children being separated from their parents.

President Trump is adamant

Although Melania Trump called the presidency to govern according to the law, but also with heart, it would seem that the Trump administration is paying no heed to widespread criticism.

Donald Trump continues to blame the democrats for turning the United States into a 'migrant camp'.

He does not mind that his policy is isolating him from even members of his own political party.

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