Here's The Heartwarming And Hilarious Reason Why A Georgia Police Officer Had To Wear A Purple Wig To Work


May 28, 2018 17:58 By Fabiosa

A Georgia police officer, Shane Bonebrake, found himself in a bit of a bind after he got into a bet with elementary school student named Bryan.

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An odd bet

Officer Bonebrake simply wanted to motivate Bryan to work harder. It is possible that he underestimated the effect of his influence over the young student who presumably goes to the Woodstock Elementary School.

This explains why he said he would do anything, including something as hilarious and extreme as wearing a purple wig to work, if Bryan's grades improved.

Straight A's

The young student had a surprise for the officer. He made straight A's on his most recent report card!

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Officer Bonebrake, clearly a man who keeps his words, showed up to work in the shocking headpiece. He was seen last week directing traffic around Bryan's school.

His unusual gear quickly became the center of attention for students and parents alike.

Reactions online

According to Brittany Page who works as a public information officer for the police department, Bonebrake is known to be one of their most community-oriented officers, so his actions did not come as a surprise. 

Expectedly, Bonebrake is getting a lot of love from people who are touched by the ingenious way he chose to mentor the young studentб and we are here for that.

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