This Mom And Son Overcame Cancer, Job Loss And House Forfeiture To Finish College Together

Date May 22, 2018

A mother and her son are inspiring the world with their story of triumph as they both graduate from college together.

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Lymphoma diagnosis

The woman, Patricia Love Davis, 51, and her son, Kenneth McCray II, 25, both graduated from Broward College in South Florida after overcoming some of the most impossible situations.

ABC News / YouTube

Patricia was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma in 2004 and had to put her plans of attending college on hold. This came after she lost her husband when her son was just 6.

Hard times

She got more shockers in 2012 when her department at work was closed down and her money dried up. At the time, Kenneth, 18, had just started college, but he had to leave school and get a job after they became homeless.

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The pair helped each other stay strong, but Kenneth says he had to hide the burden he carried from his mom. He revealed that he came close to breaking down a number of times.

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He, however, chose to go back to school and his mom made the decision to return to study as well in 2014.

Awkward moments

For this inspiring mom and her son, taking classes together had its awkward moments. This was not helped by the fact that the pair took a math class together. But, they pulled through the stiff phase.

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Patricia told WPLG-TV that getting her degree was great but not as fulfilling as sharing it with her son and walking across the stage with him.

Kenneth graduated with a degree in computer science while his mom got hers in criminal justice.

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