Today, Duane & Beth Chapman Celebrate 13 Years Of Marital Bliss Amid The Huntress' Cancer Battle

Duane and his beautiful wife, Beth Chapman portray themselves to be the toughest on Dog: The Bounty Hunter. Just like their on-screen strength and mutual chemistry, they are a power couple in real life too. Now, it's time to collectively cheer for them.


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A significant part of the pair's relationship is Beth's cancer battle itself. This adversity had proved Duane to be a devoted husband and a perfect partner. He supports her every decision. Mrs. Chapman recently stopped chemotherapy treatment as she couldn't bear the health deteriorating symptoms. Her hairs are shedding, her weight is reduced and now, she wants to fight on her own terms. Respect!


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Major marriage milestone

Despite challenges, the Chapman couple is not missing out even a single shot at their happiness. Beth and Duane got married on May 20 of 2006. It's been 13 years since they started their blissful marital journey together. Today, the pair is marking their wedding anniversary with a lovely throwback. 


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Beth Chapman forgot her worries and shared a delightful post on her Instagram account. She shared nostalgic portraits of her nuptials in which she was a youthful bride alongside Duane. The hunter's children were also seen in the portraits. 


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Fans heartedly congratulated them 


Wow doesn’t seem that long! I remember this episode and you were so gorgeous! I swear you don’t age Beth, you look younger today then you did 13 years ago 😊💋


So beautiful! You are a true inspiration to me Beth! Many prayers for you and your amazing family🙏🏻❤️


Wow, I remember that I on TV and it seems like yesterday. Such a beautiful bride and handsome groom.


Prayed for you then during both a beautiful and devastating time in your lives. Praying again at this time, 🙏🙏

We wish the couple a very happy wedding anniversary. A miracle is needed for Beth's recovery and it's all we are praying for. Share this and send your love to both of them.