Beyonce Seamlessly Broke Protocol By Upstaging Meghan Markle & She Also Kissed The Duchess

Date July 15, 2019

Ever since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry became parents, they've appeared in public only to tend to their duties. However, their latest outing was more like a date night. At the star-studded evening, it seemed someone sabotaged her limelight.

The Sussex couple exclusively arrived at the Lion King premiere in London. Before watching the movie, they met cast and crew. Prince Harry looked dapper in a black tuxedo pantsuit. Meghan Markle also turned heads at the red carpet. The new mom looked incredibly fit and gorgeous in a satin frock.

Queen B vs the Duchess

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had a brief encounter with Beyonce and her husband, Jay Z. They all were very warm while greeting each other. Queen Bey and the Duchess also embraced each other. However, as a publicist's remarks revealed to Express UK, Beyonce broke protocol by kissing Meghan on the cheek.

Well, they are good friends and this can be considered a no biggie. But, another action of Beyonce has raised eyebrows. She upstaged the royal couple by arriving after them and walked in the last - a privilege usually reserved for the most honorable guests there.

Beyonce has her own way of respecting Meghan

When the songster couple won the Best International Group award at Brits, they had paid a very majestic tribute to "one of our "Melanated Monas" in their acceptance. The footage showed them standing with a stunning portrait of Meghan behind them.

Whatever the Royal etiquettes dictate, we are sure Meghan and Beyonce's chemistry is more significant. Ain't nothing wrong with two ladies endlessly appreciating one another. Share this if you actually find their bond kinda cute.