Closer To Royalty! Joanna Gaines Bought A 100-Years-Old Castle In Texas For Whopping $425,000

Date February 27, 2019

The Fixer Upper couple had a major upgrade from a farm-life to a charm-life. They've always restored and preserved houses that were no one else's deal to handle.

Now, they've taken up quite a majestic project.


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Joanna and Chip juggled their business renovations with personal preference when they moved in a farmhouse back in 2013. Ever since then, the Gaines family's been indulging in the purity of nature.

Their homegrown garden-fresh vegetables and fruits meant to nourish the soul all the way. They've successfully made an 1895 abandoned space a place to call 'home sweet home'.


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Time to elevate the level up to royalty

The estate moguls will now literally be considered Waco Royalty for purchasing a building from the fairytales. Made famous by HGTV’s home improvement show, Joanna and Chip have closed on the historic, but rundown Cottonland Castle. It is located in Waco’s Castle Heights neighborhood in Texas. Bring in the orchestra for them, please!

According to Waco Tribune, they have long been trying to buy the magnificent 1913 castle, but it's not sure why they didn't do so earlier. Although the sale price has not been disclosed yet, it was initially listed at $425,000. Running deep in the pockets, aye!

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Fans are anticipating its restoration

The couple's followers remarked how this German-style fortress wouldn't have freed itself from their grip. It's like they were meant to purchase it. The commentators expressed excitement to see the castle fully lit again.

Did their exquisite choice manage to make your heart skip a beat? Ain't it just extraordinary? Share this and let us know if you're just as impressed as we are.

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