Catherine Zeta-Jones Is A Dead Ringer Of Her Welsh Mom: She Happens To Be A Beauty Too!

Date May 8, 2019 17:28

Hollywood celebrities are conditioned to be exceptionally talented and beautiful. Catherine Zeta-Jones comes right on those terms. It about time we unravel the source of her awesomeness. Well, it's her incredibly gifted mother, Patricia Fair.


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The actress herself realizes what a jackpot of a mother she's has got. Catherine never misses a chance to appreciate Patricia's presence in her life. On mother's day, the Mask Of Zorro star paid a lovely tribute to her. Zeta posted a black & white photo of Michael and her two kids along with her mother's. She dedicated it to Mrs. Fair.

It's all a wonder of good genes

Queen America alum is believed to be one of the most attractive women on Earth. Her satin skin, sharp features, and flattering physiques seem nothing less than a miracle. The 49-year-old also looks incredibly youthful. A rare photo of her mother has revealed, this is all part of her inheritance.


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Patricia Fair also had the same dark locks that complimented her mysterious and alluring persona. The black & white portrait is enough for an unbelievable mother-daughter comparison. Nature never ceases to amaze us

Now, the classic diva has traded her brunette look with more trendier, blond hair.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Is A Dead Ringer Of Her Welsh Mom: She Happens To Be A Beauty Too!Getty Images / Ideal Image

Fans see them as identical twins

Catherine's followers matched her with Patricia and were amazed to point out their numerous similarities.


Your eyes!




You and your mum are the spitting image of each other.


Wow! your mom looks so much like you!.. Is a gorgeous woman

Now, we know where Catherine gets it from. Did you find their resemblance absolutely amusing? We sure did! Share this and send your compliments to the ladies.