Gone Too Young: The 'Power Rangers' Star Pua Magasiva Has Passed Away At 38

Date May 15, 2019

Youth deaths that happen at the deceased prime time in life are hardest to mourn. It's painful to think about how much they could potentially grow and achieve. Pua Magasiva's passing is founded on the same tragedy.


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Born on August 10, Magasiva was a pronounced New Zealand actor of Samoan descent. He rose to fame in the most recent years for his role as Shane Clarke, the Red Ranger from the hit TV series Power Rangers Ninja Storm. Pua also starred as Nurse Vinnie Kruse in soap opera, Shortland Street. He was also one of the co-hosts of the radio station, Flava in his home country. 


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Expiry at 38

Pua's production firm has confirmed CNN that he has unfortunately died on Saturday, May 11. In the morning, Police was reached out from an address in Wellington and discovered his body, local reports suggest. The cause of his sudden expiry has not been revealed so far. He was only 38 years old.


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Magasiva is survived by his ex-wife, Kourtney, and current wife, a teacher named Lizz Sadler, whom he had married a year ago. He also had two kids. His whole family and TV industry's colleagues are shocked by the sad news. 


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Fans paid tribute to the Red Ranger


Once a ranger always a ranger rest in paradise. ninja red!


Rest In Peace legend 😔❤️

rest in peace 🕊❤️🙏🏻


Rest In Peace 💕 😥 for all those struggling, please, there’s always another way 💕💕💕

Pua will always be remembered for his on-screen super-hero powers. Rest in peace, you will be dearly missed. Share this and send your condolences to the family.