Proud Grandma Kirstie Alley Shows Her Granddaughter For The First Time: She's The Cutest!

Date May 15, 2019 17:18

Kirstie Alley had married Parker Stevenson on December 22, 1983. They had two children together: son William True and daughter Lillie Price. The couple had divorced in 1997б with the settlement of having shared custody. Now, one of her kids has made her one proud grandma and she's ready to share her joy.

In June of 2016, William and his then-girlfriend gave a big surprise to Kirstie. The pair had just welcomed their first son, Waylon Tripp Parker, and had made Alley a grandmother for the first time.

She was over the moon and flew to Wichita, Kansas, to spend the Holidays with them. They even took photos of their four generations: Kirstie's dad, her, William and the baby. 

The debut of her granddaughter

There is not much known about her granddaughter. Not even her birth news was announced. But it seems like Kirstie is finally opening up about her secret of bliss. Her son William welcomed another child, and it was a girl this time. Her granny must have celebrated her arrival in private.

Kirstie took to Twitter to get her sweet granddaughter introduced to her fans. The little girl was absolutely adorable. She slept, while her grandma watched over and sneaked a few clicks to capture the lovely moment.

Heart swells from her cuteness!

People adored the lovely child

Being a grandmother is truly double happiness. It gives a sense of continuity and fulfilled the purpose of passing on the love.

We congratulate Kirstie for having such amazing grandkids. Kisses to the babies as well!