Rob Lowe Strangely Deleted The Tweet About His 'Hardworking Sons' After College Admission Scandal

Date April 1, 2019 12:38

When the news of injustice breaks out, different people have different reactions to it. Some are outraged or vocal about it, while others try to stay out of the matter altogether. The latter seems to be the response of Rob Lowe. 

Rob Lowe Strangely Deleted The Tweet About His 'Hardworking Sons' After College Admission ScandalGetty Images / Ideal Image

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The most recent scam pulled off by a Hollywood celebrity was to bribe the University of Southern California. According to reports, actress, Lori Loughlin has been apprehended for allegedly paying more than $500,000 to ensure her daughters, Olivia and Isabella will score high on entrance exams. Former CEO of the Pacific Investment Management Co., Douglas Hodge was also charged for this similar scheme.


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Rob Lowe doesn't want a piece of it

After the college admissions scandal surfaced, Rob Lowe's son, John who is a recent Stanford graduate condemned the cheating. He expressed how disappointed he is that other bright students lost their right to elite children.

The father barged in and retweeted his post. Rob commented that he is very proud of his honest, hardworking sons, pointing to John and his elder brother Matthew. But readily he removed his remark from Twitter account.


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Rob told Yahoo! News it was his wife, Sheryl who advised him to delete it. The West Wing alum further explained he is just disgusted by this happening. Maybe that's why he doesn't want to be dragged into it! He said why he surrendered to Sheryl's opinion:

Sometimes when your wife asks you to do something and you don’t really have a dog in the fight, it’s just better to do what the wife wants. 


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Jim Carrey voiced his opinion loudly 

The Mask actor who is a well-known artist too posted his recent masterpiece on Twitter. He shared a drawing of Lori, branding her and other celebrity parents involved in the scandal: “All cheaters.” Jim also left a subtle warning for them how they and their kids will fail anyway. Touche!

Are Jim or Rob in terms of raising your voice? Maybe, both the diplomacies are equally effective. Share this and let us know what you think about the current situation.

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