Michael Douglas Wishes 'Two Most Important Women' To Him Happy Women's Day With A Lovely Snap

Date March 11, 2019 17:53

Michael Douglas and his beautiful wife Catherine Zeta-Jones remains hot in demand to this day. Despite their decades of the age difference, they have retained a love-bond like no other. But there is more to their collaborative excellence.


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Hollywood's star couple has not only maintained a good relationship as a couple, but also, as a family. They have two children together, daughter Carys and son Dylan. The squad never misses a chance to have quality time. What's more remarkable is that they all share mutual respect, care, and appreciation.


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Family dancers on holiday! Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! #familylove

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Michael pays tribute to the ladies in his life

Women's Day marks the date to appreciate the ladies for all they are. They are compassionate, influential and nothing compares to their hearts of gold.

The second head of the Douglas family realizes this fully. Michael took the opportunity of this occasion to gush over his lovely partner, Catherine, and their daughter, Carys.


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The proud man posted a retro-snap of the two ladies who have all of his heart and tributed to them. Michael wished them a very happy Women's Day in the most heartwarming way. He captioned their snap as:

Here’s to the two most important women in my life! 


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Fans were delighted

 Douglas' followers in Instagram complimented his sweet gesture. They also reminded him of how blessed he is to have such an incredible family.


And what a lucky man you are, too!😉😘 


It's great to see Catherine and your daughter too.


Your greatest blessings! ❤️


Thank you for respecting your loves❤️❤️🤙🤙

Empowerment does begin at home, not necessarily from the society itself. Share this if you agree and adore the Douglas'!

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