Royal Breach! Intruder Broke Into Buckingham Palace While The Queen Slept Only Metres Away

Date July 11, 2019 14:51

The Queen's guard is a calvary that is responsible for securing their sovereign's places, as well as their personal space. Contrary to popular beliefs of tourists, the soldiers assigned at the doors in a stationary position are actually functional. Nope, it's for your amusement.

In the presence of hundreds of Foot Guards and Horse Guards, no civilian can ideally reach the Monarch. All of these units come under the administrative authority of the London District. That's some heavy protection but still, someone was able to find a loophole in it.

Royal breach

On Wednesday, July 10, an intruder climbed over the front gates of Buckingham Palace. According to Express UK, the stranger roamed around for a good 4 minutes.

Then, officers from the Met's Royalty and Specialist Protection Command apprehended him. He was only meters away from the Queen who was sleeping in her bedroom.

Fortunately, the young man was not carrying any offensive weapons. The authorities later sorted out this incident not to be terrorist-related. A source told the Sun News:

He was determined to get inside the palace and was banging down the doors but, thank goodness, this time everything was locked up.

The 24-year-old is currently in custody at a central London police station. Royal representatives have denied disclosing any further details as they think it's a matter for the police.

It has happened before

Almost 37 years ago, the same intrusion was carried out by Michael Fagan. He was a schizophrenic patient. Even in his deranged condition, he had managed to enter Her Majesty's room and sat across her on her bed. She intelligently stalled him by talking nicely until guards arrived.

It's just too dreadful even to imagine. When strangers make force entry in the royal households it's never for robbery, but for assassination. May the Queen remain safe and sound.