"I Made It!": Tatum O’Neal Has Finally Shared Her Post-Surgery Health Update

Date March 28, 2019 10:10

Pain is one of the most mistreated illnesses in the world. The diagnosis is often troublesome and there is no guarantee for a permanent cure. But we are happy to disclose how Tatum O'Neal is doing now.


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On Monday, March 25, the 55-year-old actress had informed her fans on Instagram that she is experiencing excruciating pain. She was later transferred to a hospital where she underwent an emergent surgery. However, it remains unknown what kind or where her pain was stemming from.


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Her latest health update

Tatum has made Instagram her channel to deliver her followers with the latest tidbits about herself. She has first posted a video in which she used a walking aid on her way to surgery. She had playfully complained about how long the hallway was.


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The very next day, she has shared a bedridden snap of herself. O'Neal was conscious which is a good indicator of her recovery. To relief us furthermore, she enthusiastically captioned:

I MADE IT!! Walking, talking dancing, souls cycle hiking in my near future.


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Fans are delighted by the news

Tatum's devoted followers seemed happy to know she is getting back to being the best. They sent her many regards and wishes for fast healing.


Hope you have a speedy recovery!!


Get well soon!! ❤️😘❤️


Get well darling ! I love you


Get well quick, dear Tatum! Much love. 😍💕

We are grateful to Tatum for reverting back to health. Share this and remove the concerning lines off your temple.

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