Tragic! Actress Charo's Husband, Kjell Rasten. Passes Away From Shooting Himself At Age 79

Date February 19, 2019

Self-inflicted deaths are the worse tragedy. The family is doomed to spend the next years wondering what went wrong. That is the anticipated plight for Charo, who has lost her love of life to it.


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Best known as her stage name Charo had earned her placed among the legends as a Spanish-American actress, comedian, and flamenco guitarist. She made headlines in 1971 for reportedly being paid as much as Frank Sinatra and the likes of him during her Vegas shows. After divorcing her first husband, Xavier Cugat, Charo married a producer Kjell Rasten in a civil ceremony attended by 30 guests. Their union ends now.


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Her husband expires at 79

After almost 40 years of a happy journey together, TMZ has confirmed a piece of awful news. Her beloved husband, Kjell has passed away from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was 79. 

Mr. Rasten shot himself in the afternoon of Monday, February 18, around 2 p.m. Kjell was at his Beverly Hills home that was shared by him and the '70s icon Charo.


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According to law enforcement sources, Charo was home at the time this adversity struck, and then, someone in the house called 911. Police and paramedics responded immediately and tried to revive him on spot but failed. Rasten was transported to a hospital and there, he was pronounced dead by the doctors.

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Their family

Kjell is survived by not only his wife but also their 37-year-old son, Shel Rasten. He happens to be an actor and producer, just like his parents, and he's known for projects like The Boulevard (2013) and CSI: Miami (2002).


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Condolences to the heartbroken family. Rest in peace, Kjell Rasten. Share this and send your prayers.

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