Date Of 'Little People, Big World's 14th Season Has Been Officially Announced: It's So Close!

Date March 25, 2019

The inspiring American television series Little People, Big World had initially premiered on March 4, 2006, on TLC. This reality-based show narrates the lives of the Roloff family who lives on a farm near Portland, Oregon. 


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Their audiences have only grown more and more interest after each season.  Most of the episodes primarily focus on the dwarf parents, Matt, and Amy, and one of their children, Zach, who also shares their condition.

Now, they have grandkids, and the leading couple has also split. So, you see, the anticipation to see how they're all doing, is at the peak!


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Date of the latest season

For their fans, Amy Roloff and other members of the family, religiously share their joy on Instagram. We do get updates about how cute little gems; Ember and Jackson are being and how the proud grandma love spending time with them. But it was well-awaited how their lives will be aired on TV. The release date of the show's 14th season has been officially disclosed and it's closer than you think!


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According to Amy's Instagram post. the new episodes with lighten up our screens on April 2. The reality series will let the eager audience watch them make some big decisions, surf new adventures, changes, and celebrations.


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People are thrilled

The show's devoted followers on Instagram expressed how desperate they are for the show to finally return. 


It would be excellent to see the whole family including the other children who left the reality site hopefully to do a spin off. with them


Can’t wait


Will be sad to see the farm go. Can't wait for the new season.


Can’t wait for it to be screened in New Zealand... we are so far behind here. Just love your show.... love to all. 💓💓💓

Are you able to contain the excitement? We certainly can't! Share this and let us know what kind of spin-off you are looking forward to.

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