Oops! 'CSI: Miami' Star Eddie Cibrian Spent An 'Awkward Family Easter' With His Ex & Current Wife

Date April 24, 2019 15:35

Eddie Cibrian was happily married to the former model, Brandi Glanville. The couple has two sons together; Jake and Mason. Their lives were changed forever when Eddie met singer LeAnn Rimes on the sets of Northern Lights. It seems, now, everything is working out fine.


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Rimes was married to dancer Dean Sheremet when her and Eddie extra-marital affair began. In 2009, they were all over the news for their infidelity to respective spouses. This eventually turned out to be more than just an infatuation. Eddie and LeAnn finally got married in 2011 and confirmed it's a genuine love story.


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Overcoming awkwardness

LeAnn Rimes shared an incredible photo on her Instagram on Easter Sunday, April 21. She joyously posed with her husband, Eddie Cibrian, and his ex-wife, Brandi Glanville. Their children were also present in the frame. The two ladies were soundly bonded.

She explained in the caption how it was 'an awkward family Easter' because of the way they're standing rather than their togetherness.

This celebration was followed by Eddie and LeAnn's 8th wedding anniversary. The couple is still madly in love with each other. How they are working things out is astonishing and is also proof of their sensational chemistry.


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People adored them

LeAnne's followers found it beautiful and refreshing to see the whole family getting along so well. They think of it to be lovely, not awkward or weird in any way.


I think it’s beautiful! So many critics not enough love! ❤️❤️


Not awkward! It's fantastic! Ya'll have come a long way and should be so proud of a peaceful blended family! 🐰💙


Wow never thought I would see a pic like this but good for you guys!!! That’s great everyone is getting along


Love this! One big happy family❤️

Cibrian's family is just exemplary. His love for Brandi might have faded but not the respect and care for his children. Share this if you find their settlement quite amazing.