Unfazed Expenditure: Meghan & Harry Replaced Frogmore's Luxury Carpet Just Days After Moving In

Date July 1, 2019 14:31

The senior members of the British royal family have assigned payrolls. So, it is natural for the public to think they should utilize that funding to run their personal errands. Meghan Markle & Prince Harry are repeatedly challenging this basic notion.


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The Hollywood origins of the Sussex stunner have compelled her to maintain the lifestyle of an absolute elite. The Sovereign Grant's report revealed that the Royal pair's spent at least $3.2 million for Frogmore cottage's restoration. It wasn't their own money, but, the taxpayers'.

Piers Morgan directly taunted the former Suits actress for trying to match Kardashians' extravagance, writing in Daily Mail UK,

Meghan wants all the Kardashian-style fame and fortune that comes with being a royal, but she wants taxpayers to support it.

Their bill hasn't concluded yet

According to Express UK, the expenditure is not over yet. The Frogmore Cotagge's new carpet became dirty with mud brought in by one of the Sussex family's two pooches. A staffer tried his best to get rid of the stains, but it did more harm than good.


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The delicate material of the luxury matting was further damaged instead. The strong chemicals ruined a big section of it altogether. Inevitably, the carpet had to be replaced.

An insider revealed that Meghan and Harry were completely unfazed by the additional charge. The source disclosed:

The cleaner was devastated but apparently, the couple didn’t seem worried in the slightest about the extra cost.

Another impending repair

Meghan and Harry's safe haven has a flow that will soon need mending. When the public had visited Frogmore property, they had noticed the noise of airplanes flying just above their home. The pair could be planning extensive soundproofing to maintain Archie's peace. It can cost the taxpayers around $700,000.

These figures may look mighty, but it's only around $ 1.50 out of citizens' pockets. So you think this is justifiable or the royals should limit their grand ventures.