Father Bids A Sad Goodbye: Singer Ronnie Milsap's Son Todd Has Passed Away At The Age Of 49

Date February 25, 2019

The most gruesome thing parents could go through in their lives is losing their child. The country singer Ronnie Milsap is mourning the same tragedy as he is biding a heartbroken goodbye to his son, Todd.

During the mid-1960s, Ronnie met his wife, Joyce, at a dinner party outside Atlanta. The blind artist married her in 1965, making her a partner to share his life and music with. They had a son together named Todd, whom the singer was remarkably proud of. 

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The unexpected demise of his son

Todd Milsap was reportedly out of reach and his son got worried after having no contact with him for two days. He then went to check on his father and found him unconscious on his houseboat docked at Four Corners Marina in Antioch.

The emergency crew confirmed his death on February 23. He was 49.

According to Police, the cause of his passing seems to be some medical complication with no sign of any foul play. Todd is survived by his mother. He was raised in Nashville and had attended Franklin Road Academy and Hillsboro High School.

Ronnie revealed that his beloved son used to work behind the scenes on his tours, music videos, and other recording projects. The heartsick father told Tennessean:

Our son Todd was a force of joy, life, creativity and giving from the moment he was born. 

Father Bids A Sad Goodbye: Singer Ronnie Milsap's Son Todd Has Passed Away At The Age Of 49Getty Images / Ideal Image

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Fans are saddened by the news

Ronnie's follows expressed the shock over Todd's sudden expiry. They paid their respects to him in the most thoughtful ways and condoled with the family.

Todd would be terribly missed by everyone who was touched by his life. Now, he's laid to rest. Share this and send your prayers to the deceased.

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