Jerry Lee Lewis' Health Update: Has He Recovered From The Stroke He Suffered Only 2 Weeks Ago?

Date March 21, 2019

It is itself a mini-heart attack for the fans to see their legend suffer. The 83-year-old rock ‘n’ roll pioneer, Jerry Lee Lewis scared everyone with his health tragedy.

Now, we're finally getting news on his current wellbeing. After all, we deserve a little relief.


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His representative informed that he had suffered from a minor stroke on Thursday, February 28. The news was also shared on his Facebook page. It pleaded his admirers for prayers and also advised them to be hopeful.

Jerry was told to be getting back to the studio soon to record and hit the road, performing live. His family, which is currently by his side, requested some privacy.


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Important health update

As published by CNN, his publicist Zach Farnum has given away a major update on his well-doing. He revealed that the star has been transferred to a rehabilitation center after spending two weeks in the hospital.

In accordance with it, Jerry intends to cancel three upcoming concerts, including the one on April 28, which was to be held at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.

Lewis' neurologist, Rohini Bhole, gave a brief remark about his treatment strategy. She said:

Jerry Lee Lewis is expected to fully recover with aggressive and intensive rehab. From what I have seen thus far, he is heading in the right direction.

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People send him their sincere regards  

The Twitterverse wished him well and showed their concern for his condition. Some were even worried about his musical capabilities after the stroke.

We also wish Jerry Lee Lewis a fast recovery! Share this and send him your prayers. 

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