Missing Him More! Jenna Bush Hager Thoughts After Learning About Her Grandpa's Secret Pen Pal


December 21, 2018 16:52 By Fabiosa

Modern times has snatched the taste of sweet anticipation that was found in the letter communication. The long wait could intensify positivity or fade out negativity pretty easily.

Despite having every technology at his disposal, Mr. Walker Bush preferred written correspondence. 

Missing Him More! Jenna Bush Hager Thoughts After Learning About Her Grandpa's Secret Pen Palgettyimages

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His granddaughter Jenna had previously revealed her grandpa's love for old means of talking. President George Bush and Mrs. Bush had always written love letters to each other. They are the longest married presidential couple in history having married in Jan 1945. It seems as if he believed it to be the most effort-poured gesture to show compassion.

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Jenna's emotions after learning of Grandpa's little pen pal

The Filipino boy, Timothy was only 7-years-old when George H.W Bush began his sponsorship according to the Colorado-based charity Compassion International. In addition to support him, Bush also became his pen pal, sending him heartfelt letters as a guardian figure.


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His granddaughter, Jenna Bush Hager had no idea about his generosity and she was surprised. She told Today News:

One of the things that I really loved about him was his humility. I miss him. I read his letters, yesterday and i mean.. this is the reason why I miss him.

She was hardly holding off her emotions while describing how amazing her grandfather was. He touched millions of lives through tons of charitable foundations.

Now, even after his demise, he continues to warm hearts.

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Jenna's tribute to her honorable grandfather


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As the whole world mourns the passing of Mr. Bush, so does his beloved family. But they are proud to have had such a great man so close to them, all the same. Jenna gave a tearful tribute to her loving grandpa and honored him with a memory of him. She is proud that her daughters got to know their 'Gampy'.

These heartwarming tributes and disclosure of his humanitarian efforts is all the indication that George Herbert Walker Bush will be remembered and missed. Share this and send him your prayers up above!

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