Rule Bender Daddy! Prince Harry Held Little Archie Himself, While Prince William Never Did So

Date May 9, 2019 12:13

The Sussex family is now complete. On May 6, Meghan Markle gave birth to a healthy baby boy. His father, Prince Harry, is overjoyed, and it's is clearly showing. Their first public appearance had a very rebellious — yet sweet — detail.

Well, don't miss it out, peeps!


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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex introduced their bundle of joy in St. George's Hall at Windsor Castle. The press clicked aggressively, while Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were lost in their paradise.

The former Suits actress gushed how she's got "the two best guys" in the world now. Their newborn's name was later revealed to be Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.


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Rule-bending daddy

The Sussex couple is known for doing things their way. From their private birth plan to not taking a royal title for their baby, they have been dodging a lot of royal traditions. There is another protocol that Prince Harry has single-handedly broken himself during Archie's debut.

The proud father held his sweet son himself, as he just couldn't get enough of him. It was also to make Archie's mother more comfortable.

This has never been done in the royal family. During Lady Diana and Kate Middleton's staircase moments, Prince Charles and Prince William were never seen carrying their children. Prince Harry has clearly become a family guy beyond the suggested arrangments.

People had divided opinions about it

While some commentators understood Prince Harry's fatherly eagerness, others just blamed Meghan Markle. The Twitterverse also appreciated the new mother for being so real and relatable. All kinds of opinions were offered.

Despite being royally wrong, it was indeed a very lovely gesture. We can't wait to see little Archie transform the Sussex couple into even better people. Share this and send your love to the beautiful family!