'Wheel Of Fortune' Star Vanna White Is "100% Supporting" Alex Trebek Amid His Cancer Battle

Date May 14, 2019

Earlier this year, the Jeopardy host Alex Trebek had found out about his stage IV pancreatic cancer. Upon revelation, his fans were severely devastated. It would be a relief for them to know how much solace his friends and family are providing him.

Defying the unhopeful odds and beating the unpredictable symptoms of cancer, Alex got back to work. In late March, he showed the audience how strong he is and how much their love rejuvenates him. In addition to his courage, his contract also compels him to serve 3 more years to the game show.


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Vanna White gives an update

Vanna and Alex are the same kind of hosts, but on different programs. The two have known each other for almost three decades and consider themselves family. The Wheel of Fortune was shocked to hear about Alex's plight and have been consoling him ever since. She talked to Closer Weekly on May 10 and talked about her unwavering goodwill for Alex.


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White went on to mention how she is remembering him in prayers and also gave a subtle health update. She said:

Oh, I’ve been supporting him 100%. He’s hanging in there. He’s a strong man and he has got such a strong will to conquer this.


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Another pal who wishes him good health

Olivia Newton-John, who is also amid cancer battle, stands by Trebek, too. She sent him a heartfelt message via E! Online with solid advice, saying:

Don't read the statistics and stay focused and see how you can heal yourself.

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Apart from his friends, his wife Jean Currivan is also making Alex believe he can get better. All of his close ones and admirers are hoping for his miraculous recovery. Share this and send your regards to the legendary TV-star.