Meghan Markle Gave Lovely Nod To Prince Harry With A Heart-Melting Detail At Her Baby Shower

Date February 21, 2019

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry are approximately 2 months away from welcoming their first child. So, they'd like to spend every second of this significant time together. But, knock knock, royal protocols are here that might have kept Harry from joining his lovely wife on her American tour.


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On February, 19, The Duchess flew solo to New York City to catch up with her girlfriends. A lot of fun was anticipated as the pals would hang out, do shopping and try their favorite foods one more time. As a bonus on her exclusive trip, Meghan threw a posh baby shower where she was feted by 20 celebrity guests. 


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Missing her charming Prince

Sure, she had who-not of Hollywood to celebrate with her but, Prince Harry's spot is hard to fill. The loving wife gave a subtle nod to him with a very thoughtful gesture. Prince Harry is known to be a keen Polo player and she's also been to one of his matches. So, the Duchess of Sussex chose to dine at Ralph Lauren's restaurant, The Polo Bar after her baby shower.


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This particular choice was to send a message to Prince Harry that he is on her mind. The visit to this Polo-themed restaurant was most likely to have brought back special memories. The venue has an equestrian interior design and its decorations feature riding hats and polo mallets. How remarkable!


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They are always on each other's mind

It was a well-thought tribute to the Prince, but when Meghan misses him it's always not voluntary. She unconsciously rubs her wedding ring whenever Prince Harry wanders her mind. What's more lovely is that he does the same thing too. Are they just the most adorable!


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Are you impressed by their genius way to remember each other? Share this and heart the Sussex couple!

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