Major Return! 'The Nanny' Actress, Fran Drescher, Is Re-Appearing On TV In New NBC's Comedy 'Uninsured'

Date March 6, 2019

Fans have been long lobbying for The Nanny revival. The sitcom cast is frequently inquired about its possibility. Looks like prayers have been answered but with a little twist. One of their favorite character from the series is back but not the entire show.

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And as for the general query, the lead actor also thinks that The Nanny's reboot is a realizable dream. Fran Drescher revealed, she and her ex-husband/co-creator, Marc Jacob are already considering it. The actress told Entertainment Tonight:

 Peter and I are talking about it. I’m not mad at that suggestion. I mean, I’m waiting to get the call.

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Major television return 

Mark your calendar as a part of history will be repeating itself! Not to be dramatic, but it's indeed exciting news. The crush of many youngsters during the '90s, Fran Drescher is returning to our television screen soon. NBC has just announced, Fran will be acting as a lead in the upcoming comedy pilot, Uninsured. The crew of actors will include Adam Pally, Abby Elliot, Jessy Hodges, and Amer Chadha-Patel.


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Drescher will be portraying the role of Linda, a mother, and grandmother who apparently loves her children and grandkids. She spends all her time doting on them as she does letting people know she’s from Brooklyn. The channel has also declared that the show will be shot in front of a live audience at the studio. Now, how cool is that?


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Fans are extremely delighted by the news

The Twitterverse approved her re-joining the Television channel. They congratulated the actress on her successful return and expressed their excitement.

Are you thrilled to learn about it? Adjust your schedule well with the show's time, peeps! Share this and spread the word of this incredible press release. 

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