Hart's Out! Kevin Hart Steps Down From Hosting The Oscars 2019 For A Controversial Reason

Date February 19, 2019 15:56

The awards shows always have some unresolved celebrity squabbles. The twists and turns in those conflicts are the real reason those ceremonies become a hit. But, this year, it's different. Why? Because the complications have arisen even before it has happened. 

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In December last year, the academy committee chose Keven Hart to host 2019s Oscars. They deliberately announced it to delight the fans who've been long lobbying for the comedian. He was overwhelmed by this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. However, they offered this proposal to him on one condition that he couldn't digest.


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They asked him to delete his former homophobic tweets from 2009 and also apologize for them. This pinched Kevin and he explained himself to the public that he doesn't need to say sorry for something that he is grown out of. 


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He steps down from hosting Oscars altogether

Many people pushed him to remove all controversial remarks from his past. This scandal was cooked to the point where Kevin started to consider not hosting role at all. He's been talked into it from his friends, or any show that he has interviewed. Maybe now, he just wants to shake it off.

He has officially ruled himself out of hosting the Oscars that will be held on February 24.  He again, apologized to the community he might have hut by those controversial tweets.

In response to his withdrawal, the academy announced that they won't have a host at all. There will only be presenters. So, Kevin Hart was not only their option but the only one for them.

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Fans supported Kevin

The Twitterverse had a tone of pride as they stood by Kevin's decision. They calmed the tides by suggesting that he wasn't at fault at all and it just was something he needed to improve. Which he clearly has!

What's your take on the situation? Are Kevin's past mistake justified now? Share this and let us know!

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