Would Meghan & Harry Attend Thomas Jr's Wedding? He Has Pleadingly Invited Them To The Ceremony

Date February 20, 2019

Meghan Markle's family is suffering from a strange dilemma. They seem to be riding a see-saw between slamming her and wanting her back. At one side, we have Thomas Markle Jr. and at the other, Samatha. Time to weigh in what the Duchess' half-brother has to say.

Would Meghan & Harry Attend Thomas Jr's Wedding? He Has Pleadingly Invited Them To The CeremonyInside Edition / YouTube

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Tom's been long vouching for his father, Thomas' feelings. He always portrays as if he is only taking the air-time for his heartbroken dad's sake. Previously, he declared Meghan's pregnancy to be 'bittersweet' for the Markle family. Meaning, it's indeed good news but it also includes the fact that the royal will never let Thomas Markle get near his upcoming grandchild. Yeah, only due to obvious reasons!


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Brother's desperate request

The pregnant Duchess' half-brother has dropped a surprising plea for the Sussex couple to keenly consider. He desperately wants them to attend his upcoming wedding. What a turn of events. Tom is the same person who had urged Prince Harry not to marry the former Suits star in the run-up to her own nuptials. There is no way to confirm if they would bless the occasion with their royal presence.

He revealed to Express UK that his request is to uplift Thomas Markle's spirits. It would be great to see the father-daughter to be at least in the same room again. He says:

We would love to invite them. My dad would be very happy about it since he wasn’t at their wedding.

Would Meghan & Harry Attend Thomas Jr's Wedding? He Has Pleadingly Invited Them To The Ceremonymeghan markleGetty Images / Ideal Image

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Samantha Markle's plea

Meghan half-sister threw a long shot to send a message to the Duchess. She publically announced that her brother, Thomas Jr. is in serious trouble due to his alcohol addiction and needs treatment. She sketched a dreadful image and indirectly requested Meghan to help. Well, now he is on way to getting married. The problem seems to be already solved.

Do you think the Duke and Duchess would finally end the cold war from their side? Or maybe cautiously ignore it? Share this and predict the possibility of their attendance from 1-100 percent.

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