Beware! Worried Fans Warn Andy Cohen To Be Careful While Introducing A Dog To A Newborn Baby

Date February 22, 2019

There are pros and cons of every action we do. Similarly, introducing a dog to your newborn child can have many benefits. It accompanies the baby as an immediate friend and is a good watch over too. But, Andy Cohen's fans are making him see the consequences.


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The Bravo host, Andy Cohen have just started to taste the perks of fatherhood. On February 4, he welcomed a baby boy via a surrogacy. He named his precious one, Benjamin and seems to be over the moon after his birth. On his show, the new dad admitted:

I can only speak for myself when I say I am falling more in love with him every day.


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Making his dog meet the newborn

Andy gushes over his pretty boy as he started sharing his rare photos on his Instagram page. We can witness pure bliss on his face as he cradled Benjamin in his arms. Aww, they look so adorable, don't they?


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Well, the real fuss started when Cohen brought his dog to meet his newborn son. He meant two of his babies to get acquainted with each other and kick off their journey of endless love. Andy's dog was in a Kill Shelter in West Virginia and was adopted. Their emotional bond had hit right off and the happy father wants the same for his little Benji. A fluffy friend to count on!


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Fans find this idea to be quite dreadful

Andy Cohen's followers on Instagram were appalled to see a dog so near to a newborn baby. They worriedly warned him to consider this choice let him contact such a little cub. Some commentators pulled this cation from their own experience.


as someone who has been attacked by a dog herself....go away.


i agree its cool for bonding the two but the baby so young i would definitely be careful that the dog doesn't lick him in the face but i think bonding is great andy gorgeous baby boy and nice dog fan love💕💙💚


I’d still be careful. Dogs can be unpredictable.


Be careful with dog saliva. I saw a program where some dogs carried some bacteria that can cause serious health issues. I don't mean to be giving advice but I wouldn't feel right if I didn't say something. Luv you & your family ❤️

Do you think it to be a health hazard along with the danger of an animalistic attack? Or maybe it's just a suggestion from a few paranoid people? Share this and let us know what you think.

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