So Sad! 'Hangover' Actor, Brody Stevens Has Passed Away At 48 By Taking His Own Life

Date February 26, 2019 16:04

Depression isolates its victim like no other. No screams are heart as it engulfs the life of the sufferer. Unfortunately, when this illness makes itself known, its already too late. 

Brody Stevens had portrayed the character of Officer Foltz in the comedy-packed movie series, The Hangover. After his 2009, he again appeared in part II with the role of Kingsley Guy and that was his last feature-length film. Haunting to believe we won't be seeing him on the screens live again.


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He took his own life

According to Hollywood Reporter, Stevens passed away in Los Angeles on February 23, on Friday. He was just 48. Apparently, his demise was caused by his own hands as he had hung himself. The suicide was confirmed by The Blast, they had obtained the records of the 911 call from his home. 


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It's hard to imagine how Stevens kept all his misery to himself. His fellow comedians are devasted by the shocking news. Particularly, Patton Oswald has come forward to plead all patients of depression to seek help and not feel alone. In his tweet, he urged that anyone who feels suicidal should reach out anyone.  


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Fans reacted with absolute sorrow

People watched his stand-up comedy pieces and are shocked at how he could be suffering this way. They commemorated Brody and paid tributes to him.

He left us all a dreadful reminder to pay heed to how alarming depression is. Share this and spread the beacon of help to those who are still imprisoned by their own demons.

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