Audrey Roloff Gets Brutally Slammed For Her Take On Motherhood & Calling Baby Formula A ‘Sin’


April 16, 2019 14:25 By Fabiosa

The Roloff family are famed for their hit TLC series, Little People, Big World. Their dynamics have greatly changed over the years. Amy and Matt are now divorced and their son, Jeremy, is no longer associated with the show. Even after giving up the spotlight with her husband, Audrey Roloff has come under fire.


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The ultra-religious couple, Jeremy and Audrey's daughter, Ember is almost 1-year-old. The proud mother has always been vocal about her parental experience and gives relevant advice about it. Due to Audrey's developing mastitis, her baby was at risk if she continued to breastfeed her. How she opened up about it was considered inappropriate by many.


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Slammed for her remarks on motherhood

Doctors had suggested her to use a supplement to fulfill Ember's nourishment. However, the new mom found it distasteful as it was in tune with her religious beliefs.

According to Cheat Sheet, Audrey remained 'adamant about breastfeeding exclusively' and expressed how she thinks of formula baby food to be 'a sin'. She also complained about how motherhood is 'robbing' her time with Ember.


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Her fans came forward to show their disapproval. They find these challenges completely normal and want her to embrace it like it is.

Previous criticism

It's not Audrey's first encounter with the haters. When Ember was just 10-months-old, she had shared her photo with Jeremy, holding her onto his shoulder. Ignoring the absolute cuteness, people debated if a shirtless baby girl's photo is right to post. How absurd!


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Agree,naked baby not appropriate for social media,maybe private for home not public cover that baby up cute jeans or skirt think of yourself..would u want to be out there naked?

Do you think it was okay for Audrey to publicize her struggles? Did she have it coming? Share this and let us know your opinion.

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